2019 Official Selections


A Ticket to the cinema

A film about love and the love of cinema set in the picturesque neighborhood of Podgórze in Krakow, Poland.

by any means.jpg

by any means necessary

A social justice documentary exploring why the NYPD, and US police departments more broadly, routinely use deadly force against non-violent minor offenders without receiving any punishment beyond losing vacation days.



A man desperately tries to escape an impending threat in a car that mysteriously keeps running out of fuel.



Cerulia comes back home to bid her final farewell, but her childhood memories and grandparents presence would not let her go


keep it light

Beibhinn, a young American, meets Côme during her trip in Europe. It's love at first sight! But not only between them.

midnight talk.jpg

Midnight talk

After her mother’s death, Sarah lives isolated with her aunt. One night, she confesses experiencing the feeling of a presence, something malicious and relentless.


on the tip of the tongue

In Alaska, the Eyak language "died" in 2008 when the last speaker, Marie Smith Jones, passed away. But is there life after death? The Eyak people believe so.


water sports

Water Sports is a film about finding love in unexpected places. It centers on two men who are forced to confront their feelings for each other after a mid-day port-a-potty rendezvous.


dorris 85

While trying to maintain composure and a sense of normalcy in a tough situation, Dorris Havemeyer struggles to keep up her spirits while celebrating a significant birthday.


Liberté, où es-tu cachée ?

Blanquette runs away from her barn in search of freedom.



Conceived as a succession of underwater tableaux-performance, Ô is a dreamlike and dark movie, where the audience diving into a neurosis, in a sort of calling of the citizen that we are about the current burning issues.



Can you make a difference? A surfing activist recruits opposition to a proposed gas pipeline next to Rockaway Beach, NYC.



Animated short documentary film that shows the unique strength of “us” that comes from surviving two earthquakes that happened the same day... 32 years apart.


horror, sex and hair curlers

Today, Françoise is spying on her husband Robert, who she suspects of cheating on her. The hairdresser is right to trust her instinct... She spots Robert stepping inside a gay sex club with a young man, as handsome as he is mysterious.


Lost roads

Tension arises as Iris pushes her best friend, Noah to cut school and steal a car in an attempt to return to a place she once knew.


on the rocks

An estranged daughter gives a strange eulogy for her father.


the return of Richard iii on the 9:24am train

It's a comedy drama.
The drama: a dying man decides to hire professional actors to impersonate his loved ones at a final "family" get together.
The comedy: the group of actors he has hired turns out to be even more neurotic than he.


when it’s good

A conservative man on the mend of a breakup reluctantly goes on a blind date with an opinionated free-spirit.