Lucie Guillemot

Lucie is a Parisian freelance filmmaker and journalist. She works for the international TV channel France24, as well as an assistant director on shorts and full length features. Most recently, she started writing and directing shorts and music videos, and getting involved in the wonderful world of film festivals. In 2013-2014 she worked for the Seattle International Film Festival, and later founded her own artistical monthly “rendez-vous” in Paris called “l’Antre deux Arts”. She met Dennis Cieri working as a super shorts and music video curator for the NYC independent Film Festival, and today she is more than happy to start with him the NYC2PARIS adventure!

Angela Hammer

Angela Hammer began working as a freelance cinematographer and editor back in 2011 and has continued to work on a variety of projects including short films and promotional videos. She has worked as an associate editor on a travel-documentary series, a production assistant for a Florida-based sports broadcast company and, most recently, as the short film curator for the 2018 NYC Indie Film Festival. Angela continuously looks forward to every opportunity to create, tell stories and meet other independent filmmakers who share the same passion. Today, she is incredibly ecstatic to be working with the NYC 2 Paris International Film Festival!

Sophie Bouteiller

A passionate lover of film since her childhood, Sophie works as a script supervisor and first assistant director on many shorts and full-length features. She participated in several film festivals when she was younger and was a jury member in a French short film festival, “Le Court nous tient”, in 2017. She loves all kind of movies from an old Georgian movie to Thor Ragnarok. She’s very happy to be a part of this new festival!


Denis Leluc

Denis started his acting career seven years ago after having worked as an architect for ten years in France and in the United States. After assiduously following Dominique Viriot’s theater courses, he had the opportunity to devote himself full time to this profession. A film enthusiast, he opted for jobs that brought him in front of the camera, be it for television, advertising or cinema. As a young actor in the early 2010’s he discovered the Kino Mouvement and went around the world acting in short films which gave him the chance to improve his skills quickly. He embraced the motto of the Mouvement : “do well with nothing, do better with something, and do it now” and acquired a reactivity and a camera experience that are invaluable to him. In the official production circuit he has had roles in TV shows (Versailles, Alice Nevers, Profilage, Falco, Nina), cinema (Papa ou Maman by Martin Bourboulon, Burn Out by Yann Gozlan) and many advertisements. He also writes short movies that have been awarded in festivals (French Kiss by Céline Groussard, Je suis timide by Thomas Scohy).


Caleb Dawdy

Caleb Dawdy is a filmmaker, cinematographer, writer, and film curator living in New York City. Originally from West Michigan, Dawdy has been in love with storytelling since childhood, beginning with a passion for writing. Dawdy is enamored with the power of storytelling through cinema, and its ability to inflict empathy, to negotiate difficult ideas, and to create a common bond among our communities and among a global audience; it ultimately exposes our shared commonalities while celebrating our differences.

Dawdy served as the cinematographer on the film 45: A Love Story (2016), an official selection at multiple national festivals including the Blow-Up Chicago Art House Film Festival, Reel Independent Film Extravaganza, and Young Filmmakers New York; and as camera operator on the Sundance Institute-supported short, Mino Bimaadiziwin (2017) which was nominated for “Best Short Film” at LA Skins Fest. His cinematographic work focuses on blurring the lines between our lived reality and the otherworldly, and seeks to connect with and support independent filmmakers in any and all genres.