We welcome you to the New York City 2 Paris International Film Festival! We are the new home for the true International Independent filmmaker. Our mission is simple- screen powerful, new and exciting indie films in two of the premier cities of the world, New York City, and Paris! Cities known for their excitement and fun are going to be the destinations of a new and exciting tradition. A film festival dedicated to the international indie filmmaker, citizens of the world.

The festival is set to launch September 9th in NYC and continue on September 16 in Paris. These two cities are the perfect place for a truly international film festival to take place in! The Festival will showcase the best of the indie film world to the NYC and Parisian indie film industry and the public. All NYC 2 Paris International Film Festival screenings take place in the center of NYC, Times Square, and Paris which is the perfect home for an event geared toward creating incredible opportunities for independent voices.

NYC 2 Paris International Film Festival honors the Best in Category which includes Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short Documentary, Best Short Narrative, Best Super Short, Best Music Video, as well as Best Director and Best Screenplay. The NYC 2 Paris International Film Festival provides a showcase for the best in independent cinema, including short films, feature films, music videos, and animated works.
With a gathering of fellow indie filmmakers, The NYC 2 Paris International Film Festival is the place to be September 9 in NYC and 16 in Paris, 2018!